At the Water’s Edge | 720nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, boats, faux-colour, infrared, photography, waterscape

Messing About with Boats

There are few things I love better, when it comes to shooting, than water, boats and, photographing in infrared. Shooting IR – processing IR – I love it. Combining all of these makes, for me, a perfect photographic scenario. When the sun is shining and I can head out and find some bold, interesting subjects, surround them with blue-silver water or lush backdrops – it’s as close to my version of a perfect day as I am ever going to get. I don’t always get it spot-on but in truth, I never worry too much about that when I’m enjoying simply being out and making pictures. So, a few frames here will, I hope, display my ‘happy’ and hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too. 

Albatross | IR

35Chronicle.001 (48)


Moorings | IR

35Chronicle.008 (2)


Accord | Mono-IR

35Chronicle.001 (49)


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