Foxgloves | PT.II of II | 35:Chronicle

50mm, black & white, close-up, infrared, nature, photography, ug-11

VIS & IR | Monochrome.

I’ll be brutally honest here, I am not half as keen on the colour frames in my previous post as I am with the black and whites. The form of the Foxglove, in my humble thingummyjig, lends itself far more conducively to mono-output than colour and, besides, under bright sunlight, it’s far more forgiving with having to pay far less regard to accurate white balance. Nonetheless, they please me way more. 

As well as shooting visible light, I also had a play around with my UG-11 equipment, capturing a couple of frames in broad-spectrum infrared. I do need to experiment with these wavelengths a lot more to get the best from them and, hope to pursue to more IR landscaping with it as soon as I get enough free time. 


I. | VIS

35chronicle.034 (3)


II. | Infrared w/UG-11 + UV

35chronicle.034 (1)


III. | Infrared w/UG-11 + UV

35chronicle.034 (2)



35chronicle.034 (4)


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