Days of Innocence | Infrared 720nm | 35:Chronicle

35mm, faux-colour, infrared, photography

Real Memories in False Colour.

Those of us of a certain age (ahem!) may remember, way back in the day when we were children, when sweets used to come in tins. Ornately illustrated tins. Tins that we wanted to keep when they became empty so that we could keep things in them – pointless little things that didn’t really matter to us; it was the fact that we had those gorgeous tins to keep those pointless thing in that was important. So much so that the contents would get scoffed all the more quickly just so we could have the empty tin. Or maybe it was just me? Even my father, who smoked Old Holborn tobacco, probably smoked far more than he really needed to, just so that he could have another tin in which to keep his tin-tacks and assorted screws!

Nonetheless, though I can’t possibly remember any of the images accurately now, at this stage of my life, I do remember the feeling I got of holding them in my hands as an expectant child. Colourful scenes, old cars or trains, aeroplanes – all of these images invoked a still memorable, palpable anticipation synonymous with early childhood. This leads me on to this one frame, posted here.

I don’t usually process for faux-colour when I shoot longer wavelength, near-infrared (preferring black & white) and this particular shot took a lot of my time and consideration before deciding how to process it. Strangely, once I had decided just how I wanted it to come across, it took relatively little time to process it and, once I completed it, it was at the very moment of initial review that the memories of domed-lids and hidden goodies came strongly to mind.

Nowadays, those niceties are largely non-existant, moreso probably due to the passage of time and the loss of innocence, acquired cynicism and the understanding of the concept of life’s realities. But I like to remember how, once upon a time, there was innocence. So this, is my own sweetie-tin shot. 

[Sorry – no other goodies inside, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.]


Sweet Recollection? | 35mm | 720nm Infrared.



As an aside, I would like to say thank you, to all of you who read and follow me here. It’s always a pleasure to get your clicks and, to see and read the work that you all put out here too. There is a lot more than photography that interests me and I have discovered a large number of interesting minds, in the many fields of photography and also, those who see, perceive and tell their stories about their own corners of their lives. So, thank you for reading and, thank you for writing.


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