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Primary Outing | Ricoh GXR A12 28 & 50mm IR Conversions.

I’m extremely excited about these two primes and yet again, the Good Doctor has created something which for me, is truly special. The A12 28/2.5 has been internally converted to a 760nm wavelength and, the 50/2.5 to 715nm. Both focus just perfectly (as focus adjustments for IR wavelengths are performed during each conversion) and even the macro-focusing on the 50 works a treat, which I wasn’t expecting. To say that I am as happy as a rotund, pink farm animal rolling blissfully void of regard,  in deep, warm and smelly brown stuff, is a bit of an understatement. The 760nm wavelength will allow for slightly greater contrast than the 715nm and will lend itself moreso to black and white output and, the 50 should allow for not only good mono-output (something that the GXR is renowned for anyway) but, false-colour IR output, too. The latter isn’t my preferred finish but, it’s certainly an option, should I need it. 

At the bottom of my drive, at the far end of the wheat-field and next to the river, lay the dried and decaying remains of a gnarly old tree. It has obviously been laying there for a lot of years and, I had to capture it before long because I’d heard from a very reliable source that a party of  eager, local sculptors are more than a tad keen to get their chainsaws into it anytime soon. That said, I had no time to waste and, once the sun was well and truly over the yardarm, I had set off to make my first frames with my new primes. Here is just a small selection of my new cache of IRs from these fabulous conversions. I’d have preferred fewer clouds on the day, however, there’ll be other days. I’m going to have so much fun with these.


I. | A12 28mm 760nm Infrared.

35chronicle.039 (1)


II. | A12 28mm 760nm Infrared.

35chronicle.039 (2)


III. | A12 50mm 715nm Infrared.

35chronicle.039 (3)


… and a little something extra, just because I happen to like it (of course, you’ll see why?):

IV. | A16 (Standard) @ 55mm.

35chronicle.039 (4)


[A.V – you’ve done it again. Thank you, my friend!]


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