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One Red Poppy.

There is such a pleasure in photographing in infrared, (in fact, I can say the same of making images utilising any alternative-wavelengths) though I can’t even begin to describe it. Something about the added uncertainty of the quality of the light we can’t see – and wondering how to control it and, capture it. It definitely keeps me thinking; sometimes head-scratching. Yet so often, surprise and delight are revealed in such density that one cannot help going back for more, and more


I | Poppy | 50mm 1/125th @f8 | ISO:271 | 715nm IR

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Since having received my IR converted A12 50mm for my GXR it occurred to me that I’ve not really given it a fair outing, yet. It’s not like it will care, or anything like that; it has no feelings and minds not if it’s being used or, if it spends its time just rattling around in compartment three, in my bag. But – though I love what I’ve managed to capture with my 28mm IR unit, the 50 is a rather different kettle o’ fish. For landscapes and closer, wide-angle stuff, the 28 is supreme and, at 760nm,  has a perfect base-wavelength for those tasks, but the 50 has a whole other genre as its niche. Whilst I haven’t taken it out for more natural FoV shooting as yet, I did, this morning, mooch around the garden trying out some close-up and macro subjects while the sun was out. Being as this is the UK – that latter consideration should remind you that unless the forecast states temperatures of 25 Celsius or higher for the entire day, the sun largely makes its own mind up as to whether it’s going to shine or hide behind the nearest cloud, and, there’s usually at least one large bugger waiting  for that job. That said, I had around a half-hour for a play before the inevitable happened.

It was enough.


II | Poppy | 50mm 1/220th @f5.6 | ISO:200 | 715nm IR

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I’ve broken with a couple of traditions for these frames. The first is more of a sacred rule than a tradition, I suppose: I shot these handheld because I was just too lazy to set up on my tripod.  (There. I said it.) Secondly, I so seldom process infrared in false-colour because, well – it just never looks natural to me (even after setting the correct WB). If I can’t believe what I’m looking at, then I’m certainly not going to expect anyone else to believe it either and, if that should be the case then, what is the point? Still something about these frames made me want to have a go at FC-IR again. Therefore, after processing the entire batch in black and white (my ‘safety-net’ batch), I went back to the beginning and re-processed the whole lot for the second batch in faux-colour; and, you know what? I actually prefer them. I enjoy the subtlety that 715nm has afforded to the colours – and, I have done extremely little to these files  in order to complete them. Still, complete, they are and I am very happy to share a few of them. One single bright-red poppy, dishevelled by short bursts of heavy rain and a fortnight of regular stiff breezes, yet, still every bit as photogenic as when it first came to flower. 


III | Poppy | 50mm 1/180th @f8 | ISO:200 | 715nm IR

35chronicle.044 (4)


IV | Working Lunch | 50mm 1/125th @f8 | ISO:238 | 715nm IR

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