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Sometimes, We All Need a Helping-Hand.

This little guy was crawling very lethargically around my garden a few days ago. While I know little to nothing about bees, I figured he(?) could use a lift. I picked him up and placed him on one of my flowering shrubs and instantly, he began to gather. For a few minutes I just watched it – half grateful, the other half of me just happy to see it perk up. Then, it occurred to me that I might be able to grab a few frames and, the one close-up capable camera I had almost instantly to hand was my 715nm IR converted GXR 50/Macro. For around five minutes more he frequented the flowers on my shrub before he had gathered enough strength to buzz-off again. Still, though my discipline was far from perfect and I was shooting handheld, I was rewarded with a few shots that, whilst a little tricky to process in faux-colour, were worth it. Karma at work? I’m not sure. But, it’s possible. 

With more time and a less urgent / opportunistic approach, I’d have set-up for this kind of work properly, but as is – these are just a few excited (excitable) grab-shots. (The high-key is intentional and, a result of my habit of spot-metering when I macro.) I hope you’ll enjoy them.


I. | 50mm | 715nm IR.

35chronicle.049 (4)


II. | 50mm | 715nm IR.

35chronicle.049 (3)


III. | 50mm | 715nm IR.

35chronicle.049 (1)


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2 thoughts on “Karma? | 715nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. It’s an amazing story! And beautiful photos also!
    I watched this summer a bumblebee which was swimming in peony pollen. I think he (? 😀 ) was happy. At least, if I were him, I would be happy. It seems to me, this is a wonderful place to be.

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    1. Before I helped him perk up (he or she… it!) was really struggling. Didn’t take it long though. I love the way it was perched like a baby in frame two… on its backside almost, proboscis at full stretch! Nature is a real gift. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Alena. 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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