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A Last IR Look Around the Ruin, But First…

… a huge thank you. This is my 50th post here and whether that number should matter or not it seems a fitting juncture at which to covey my warmest thanks to every one of you who follow, don’t follow but occasionally check back every so often, or, those of you who stumble here by accident and decide to stay and read anyway – all of you. Not only this, but for the work that many of you publish, keeping the many circles of interest, thought and knowledge ever-turning for the rest of us. I’m grateful for it all. 

This IR post at the ol’ ruin is to be my last for now, though I do have some interesting frames grabbed with my standard-light set-up which I may post in time. In my first post of this series I alluded to the fact that I was unable to capture the rear elevation of the house as yet, however, in August, I aim to rectify this and, will update when I can. I hope you have enjoyed this little series of images, from this beautiful old derelict and perhaps – a little more too enough to make you want to stay a little while longer. 

To all of you – thank you for visiting my pages, for your clicks, for getting in touch, and, as I look forward to more of your works, I hope you’ll do the same and, return.

Thank you so much for reading…


IX | Fireplace | 50mm – 715nm IR.

35chronicle.050 (1)


X | Interactive Wallpaper | 28mm – 760nm IR.

35chronicle.050 (2)


XI | Corner Pieces | 28mm – 760nm IR.

35chronicle.050 (3)


XII | Farewell, Perhaps? | 28mm – 760nm IR.

35chronicle.050 (4)


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