Go for the Burn | 715nm IR | 35:Chronicle

50mm, black & white, faux-colour, infrared, photography

I Think I’m Developing a(nother) Habit.

When the weather is as gorgeous as it has been lately, my photo-brain goes into meltdown and, I get a very itchy shutter-finger. Mostly, for fine-weather infrared (because there’s no better time to shoot IR than under a blazing sun) but even so, even when the clouds roll in, I’m still tempted to see how far I can push the light. As the days shorten over the year and the sun gets lower in the sky, I know I will have to store my IR units away again for a good many months, however, for now, as the ol’ saying goes – you have to make hay while the sun shines.

These two frames are of the same little bridge but shot on two very different kinds of days. It takes me an hour or more to get to this spot and I seriously think I am getting a habit for quaint, old bridges – if only I could find more worth capturing. There are far worse vices, I suppose. 


I | Push | 50mm | 715nm IR.

35chronicle.051 (2)


II | Pushed | 50mm | 715nm Faux-Colour IR.

35chronicle.051 (1)


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