‘Between Moments | PT.II | 35:Chronicle

50mm, black & white, close-up, colour, macro, nature, personal, photography

(A Little More) Backyard Buffoonery.

Okay, nothing serious here – just a few frames I managed to snick from a mess-around this afternoon in the garden, with various Ricoh set-ups. 


Waiting for the Bumble (that Never Showed) | GXR & 50mm (EFoV).

35chronicle.060 (2)


An Unfolding Gladiolus | GXR & 50mm (EFoV).

35chronicle.060 (1)


(For a Four-Legged Friend) Sweet William | GXR A16 & Hoya +10.

35chronicle.060 (4)


Gladiolus | GXR A16 & Hoya +10.

35chronicle.060 (3)


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