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An IR Trilogy.

From spring, right through to the far reaches of autumn (or, fall, depending on where you’re reading this)  the one thing that I really do look forward to (I mean, apart from scaring the natives with my leggy-peggies when I swap jeans for shorts!) is getting out and making some infrared photographs. This year, I am (thanks in major-part to my good friend, the Doctor)  better equipped for IR shooting than I have found myself to be before. However, and this is the kicker – the conditions over the past few weeks have been little short of diabolical and, as a result, I have not been able to make a lot of use of the equipment anywhere near as much as I have been truly hoping to. Nonetheless, I have managed a few forays into the further reaches of the EMS and, I thought I might put together a little trilogy, if you like, of some of my most recent favourites. Though not always taken under perfect conditions for IR capturing, I like them; also, they keep me inspired – to keep the batteries charged, the lenses clean and, my eyes t’wards the sky.


I. | 35mm [720nm IR].
35chronicle.061 (2)


II. | 28mm [760nm IR].

35chronicle.061 (1)


III. | 28mm [760nm IR].

35chronicle.061 (3)


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