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It’s Not Over, Yet.

Secluded and sheltered deep between the hills, Talla reservoir is a hidden gem. The views from the peaks are simply stunning, no matter what the conditions. It is not often that I visit this beautiful place, however, whenever I do make the trip, I spend as long as I can here, to wander, makes frames and, absorb the quiet of this not often frequented spot. One road descends steeply from the top of the hill, winds around the edges of the reservoir, past the farm which looks onto the south-east tip of this almost mile long stretch of water, and continues north-westwards towards its far edges and, out to Tweedsmuir. Here, at the north-western end of the reservoir, is the monitoring station. 


I. | 28mm 760nm IR.

35chronicle.062 (3)


At Megget, the station is of far different design and structure, has a less aesthetic exterior and, due to it being situated in a much larger body of water,  it’s considerably bigger too. But the domed station at Talla with its modern walkway, is something that I have wanted so much to capture (properly) for many years – and, after around half a dozen photo-visits over the last ten or so years, I have finally come away with a few frames that I am happy with. The water here is seldom still – that mill-pond surface that can render a waterscape  as close to photographically perfect as one could get, is seldom seen on Talla. Nevertheless, though I am sure calm water does happen here, I have never seen that glass-like still that I hope one day to capture at Talla. I know that I will have to keep returning, until the day that I do. Photographing this curious structure alone is for me, a plenty good-enough reason to revisit.

Shooting these in infrared has certainly rendered a more pleasing contrast than I would have been able to portray if shooting visible-light, particularly in the skies of the 28mm – 760nm frames; hence, the 715nm frame displays markedly less definition but still, to my eyes, an even quality that even on a slightly cloudy day, seems to do the scene some noticeable justice.

I do hope that you’ll enjoy these captures. 


II. | 28mm 760nm IR.

35chronicle.062 (2)


III. | 50mm 715nm IR.

35chronicle.062 (1)


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