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Making Hay.

As I looked out of my living-room window yesterday morning and, to the fields opposite, it was clear to me that it is again that time of year. Oddly, as the years pass, certain annual events seem to come more quickly than ever before, and, so soon, it’s baling season once more. Part of me would love to live in or close to a city, with amazing architecture and dazzling lighting; interesting folk too busy to notice another would-be street photographer, perhaps. But I live in the country and so, the country revolves around my life, I suppose. For years, I have been meaning to get out and shoot the fields dotted with their bales under warm evening, late-summer sunshine and I have always either missed the opportunities or, just been too lazy to create them. Until this year. Being right outside my door, for me to have not made these frames would have been a personal crime.

(The first three frames were obviously captured during daylight hours, but the last exposure (of 30″ at ISO:100) was captured around 10pm – as baling continued well into the night.)



35chronicle.064 (1)



35chronicle.064 (2)


It is my plan to publish three posts in this series because, not only have I used visible light to capture the scenes (as in this post), but, as regular readers may well suspect, I have made a number of infrared captures of different wavelengths, too. Starting with the visible-light frames I believe is the more natural way to start this little series off but it will, I hope, become very clear as to how alternative wavelengths and focal-lengths can offer a very different visual perspective to similar compositions, in the posts to come. 

As one apt old saying goes – we must make hay, while the sun shines. (With camera in-hand, who am I to argue with that?)



35chronicle.064 (3)



35chronicle.064 (4)


(Part II can be visited here.)
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