While the Sun Shines | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

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After the Wheels Stopped Turning.


IX. | 28mm [760nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (2)



As the baling season is almost a week past done here, I figured it was time to post the series’ final frames that I would like to share with you. This one is slightly more image-heavy than I had initially intended for this last post of the series to be, only because I found a couple more frames worthy of publishing than I thought I’d have before I started the shoots but also, because I don’t see the worth in stringing out the subject matter over more than a few posts – otherwise things get predictable or, worse still, a bit boring. So, what I’m going to show here are three more frames from my GXR’s 28mm 760nm conversion and also, three from the same camera’s A16 24-85mm TFS (true full-spectrum) conversion with a 720nm (Hoya R72) filter on the front element. This combined lens & sensor conversion has no filters at all in front of the sensor (not even a standard 330nm Schott glass) which, in simple terms means that with no filters on the lens’ front-element, the sensor gains around an extra two and a half stops of light (under daylight conditions or – UV, Visible & IR artificial lighting systems) – which is superbly beneficial for black and white shooting. (More detailed information can be found on my Light Waves page, if you require any).


X. | 28mm [760nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (1)


XI. | 28mm [760nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (3)


Here though, using the R72 means that there’s no benefit of extra stops, but still, the difference between the frames captured at 720nm have a distinctly different feel (by way of contrast and highlights) to those captured at 760nm with the 28mm prime. I’m trying not to decide on a favourite look because I really do enjoy the output from both units but for me, the 760 wavelength edges it. Nonetheless, the A16’s conversion is going to be vastly more versatile in different lighting conditions and situations than the A12, with a usable zoom range and, the ability to use many more lens-mounted filters for light-wave play and, unfiltered low-light monochrome work. I’m really looking forward to making more images with it and experimenting with deeper contrast infrared, for sure, but in the meantime, I do hope you’ll enjoy these last frames of this particular mini-series. 


XII. | 50mm  [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (4)


XII[B]. | 85mm  [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (5)


XIV. | 85mm  [720nm Infrared]

35chronicle.067 (6)


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