Three Little Steps | 35:Chronicle

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… To the Light.

I. | Twist & Open.

35chronicle.070 (1)


II. | Open & Lean Out.

35chronicle.070 (2)


III. | Lean Out & – Breathe.

35chronicle.070 (3)


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9 thoughts on “Three Little Steps | 35:Chronicle

  1. Sometimes it’s a good idea to escape from the room.
    By the way you have very beautiful doors and windows. If I tried to shoot something like this it would look not so pretty 😀
    I noticed that your photos are much better when I see them on PC, not on mobile (I miss details and details sometimes are very important). I even can’t imagine how good they are in real 🙂

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    1. Hi Alena. Thank you so much! The full res shots are discernably better. Something about the old place had me wandering around and shooting little pieces of it here and there. I am drawn to old detailed things like proper brass fittings and shuttered windows. Not much of that left in the UK nowadays, sadly. Everything becomes modernised and clinical, perhaps to meet financial targets or safety regulations. I love the details of old when we didn’t care quite so much about anything but aesthetics. As always, Alena, thank you for your lovely comments. 🙏
      (Naughty typo, corrected. Forgive me.) 😳

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    2. Oh it’s okay.. I noticed it quite quickly 🤪😂 and changed it. I love old houses. They have a style that’s no longer often seen from the inside. Preserve them while we can, I say! 😁

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    3. I moved a lot in my life. Two times these moves were rather big. I was born in Bashkiria, then moved to Moscow to study (I made about 1500 km). A year ago I moved to Estonia. It’s about 1000 km more. And unfortunately many things, not to mention flats, streets, etc I could not transport or save. Though I’m not sure I’d like to save a lot of things from that times. Too much memories are connected with things and sometimes memories are not so happy.

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