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autumn / fall, black & white, infrared, nature, photography, trees

The Storm.


A Blustery Day [I] | 850nm IR | 24mm.



I must have looked a right sight, standing outside in my dressing-gown and walking boots, camera on the tripod shooting the trees amidst 80mph winds. As the rain came pouring out of the sky, I had managed to bag just a few frames. Currently, thanks to the storm and the many trees that have disrupted power-lines on their way down to the ground,  there is no wifi, no electricity or hot water, everything is running off remaining battery power, now – and I daren’t even open my fridge door. As for travel, it can’t happen today. All local roads are blocked by trees. So, I console myself with these captures – in temporary, rural isolation. They’re not great captures but, the best I could get before the heavens really opened. Mad-dash photography… I’ve had better luck! 

Wherever you are, if the storms are hitting you, I hope you’re in a safe place. (My next-door neighbour’s shed is already in the opposite field and, I fear it won’t be long before mine joins it!)

That’s all for now; I want to get this posted before my battery runs empty.


A Blustery Day [II] | 850nm IR | 24mm.



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12 thoughts on “Confusion All-Around | 850nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

    1. Thank you Alena. It has calmed but to be worse tomorrow apparently. Managed to get out for a walk earlier and made some more shots but batteries too low to process and post yet. Maybe Friday. Thank you for your thoughts! 🙏

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    2. Be careful tomorrow then. I wish it won’t be worse.
      I’ve never seen such things. Everywhere I lived were rather calm places. At least calm as to nature. It wasn’t very safe to live in Moscow though.

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    3. Its not often we see it as bad as this and it always seems to catch us unawares. But, even if we could prepare, I guess we’d still be no match for mother nature. The power is back for now and all the chargers are on. Just in case it goes again tonight. Its still howling a gale out there so, who knows? Thank you so much for your thoughts… aaaaand, there goes the power again… 🤔 🙏


    4. There were hurricanes in Moscow, but Moscow is so big, and none of the people close to me were touched by it, so I even forgot about it, you see. In Moscow, nature is not as dangerous as people.

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    5. Well, thankfully the storms have abated, today has been calm and, power seems to have been restored this evening. For how long, is anyone’s guess but.. it’s amazing how much the little things matter. Like. hot coffee!! 😁

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    1. Hi Alena. That’s perfectly OK and I understand. We’ve seen worse, but not by much. The hatches are battened down.. as for my shed? Who knows if I’ll see it again? 😂 Thank you so much, Alena. 🙏


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