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Ali: Did Not Float Like a Butterfly.

No, it packed real punches. A few shots from within just a one-mile radius of my home, taken during and after the storm hit. Sorry that this one is a little image-heavy (compared to my usual number) but I hope you will find them worth your perusal, (not least because it took me over two hours to upload, over a very dodgy mobile-phone hotspot connection to my laptop). The damage doesn’t look too ridiculous if these shots alone are to lend some kind of testament to Ali’s total severity, and, I am sure that there are many other far more devastating images out there. However, in my never-ending quest for the real – here are some captures from around me. I would say that I hope you enjoy, but, that would sound perverse; still, you know what I mean, right? 


I. | During | 850nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (1)


II. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (6)


III. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (4)


IV. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (5)


V. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (3)


VI. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (7)


VIII. | Peace at Last | 8500nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (2)


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9 thoughts on “Inside a Mile | 720 & 850nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. Nature is strong!
    When some people say that they are friends of nature it makes me smile a little and I want to ask them: “Are you sure about it?” And I think not just such things shows a failure of this friendship. If a typical human will stay in wild nature for some days without a house there will be no friendship also. Just an effort to survive and maybe not a successful effort.
    I can’t like it, but the images are powerful, especially the first one.

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    1. I guess that’s why we moved out of the caves in the first place.. not enough of them. You’re right of course. We wouldn’t stand much of a chance in the longterm, nowadays. Thank you for your comments, Alena. Fully appreciated, of course. 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. In the first 850nm shot used it to slow down my shutter as I had no ND to hand. I used 720nm to help create some separation and contrast on what was notably a very dull day that, had I shot visible light, would have come across a heck of a lot flatter. Plus, I do love a different visual perspective, if I can find them. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by! 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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