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Debunking an IR Myth.

Has it been only me, or is there a general belief (amongst interested parties, naturally) that infrared photography may only be practised in the height of summer when the sun is aloft in a clear sky, between 10am and 4pm? Okay, I’m exaggerating somewhat to make the point, perhaps, but I do believe that (as I wrote in a recent comment to a splendid chap’s post, here on the wonderful WP) I have been for a long time ignorant that infrared photography has – a season. Like fishing perhaps? Or Grouse hunting? Or, athletics, for that matter?! Not a bit of it!

To show that I have been guilty of harbouring notions which can only be considered complete and utter poppycock, here are a couple of frames taken about a half-hour before sunset last week, where, even though the sun was indeed low in the sky, the light quality was just as perfect, nonetheless – on this beautiful,  peaceful autumn evening.


I | Dappled Old Stone | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.075 (1)


II | Evening Tones, from Brocklerigg | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.075 (2)


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8 thoughts on “Let the Shadows Lengthen | 720nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. The light is magic! Though on the first shot it’s so gloomy. These dark stains. But you know, I like it.
    I think anything could be used anytime if a person thinks. It seems it’s about you, that’s why your IR shots are beautiful anytime!

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    1. Hi Alena! The dark patches are simply shadows of the leaves and trees as the sun sat low behind them, filtering through and creating patterns on the stone. Its a great time of day for dappled light and I enjoyed the contrast of the sky against the sunlit stonework. Light and shadow. Its what life’s about and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Such thoughtful comments Alena. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. 🙏

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