As the “Old Saying” Goes? | 720nm IR | 35:Chronicle

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What Do We Do, Now that the Cows Have all Come Home?

Any of you who read my pages on even a semi-regular basis, will know that because I live very rurally,  countryside subjects constitute a huge portion of my photographic endeavours. I guess, though I dream of embarking on other projects or making images of a number of other genres, this is what I live with daily and, (I hope) make the most from.  Trees always form an anchor in almost all landscape photographs and, still, I wonder, just when will we have exhausted every angle, each different way of seeing them, photographing them? Never? Oh, let’s hope that can be the case!


I | 35mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.076 (1)


These particular four trees are very exposed and have a distinct lean towards the east; battered constantly by harsh, often unrelenting westerly winds that howl across the Solway Firth and, when they loose their foliage in late autumn, their branches resemble (to me, at least) the drying bones of living skeletons, desperately reaching out for water.  Still, from spring until autumn, they are unique and, utterly resplendent.

With that said, here is another series of rural frames, (just for fun, really) which reminded me of something that I used to hear a lot as a child. Whatever I was doing, I could keep on doing it until … and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference that I did. (It was right up there with “wait until your father gets home!“)

So, back to the question – now that they’re all home, what exactly do we do now? 


II | 35mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.076 (3)


III | 35mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.076 (4)


IV | 35mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.076 (2)


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11 thoughts on “As the “Old Saying” Goes? | 720nm IR | 35:Chronicle

    1. Thank you! 🙏 Yes, they grow in that direction, from the high winds. I plan to shoot them again in the winter once the branches are bare.. just to try to emphasise their unusual form. Really glad you like them!

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  1. Such worn down by life trees… It seems to me that any genre in photography will always be interesting if a photographer puts in it a part of him(her)self. Because then it becomes not just a reflection of reality, but something more.
    Which project would you like to start /make?

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    1. Yes, Alena, you are absolutely right. Though sometimes, no matter how much we put in of ourselves, it is still too easy to find disappointment in the results. Here though, I like them. Very much. I would love to get back to portraiture for a while. I just need to get off my arse and canvas victims.. duhhh.. I mean, subjects. 😂 I love photographing faces. People. Characters. Life in lines and expressions. It’s a whole different game. 🙏

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    2. Well, sometimes we all have bad days. But these days pass.
      I didn’t know this proverb, by the way. Though it’s not something unusual, I know not much English proverbs 😀 In Russian there is something similar. Когда рак на горе не свистнет. Literally: When a crawfish whistles on the mountain.
      Good luck to your with your ideas!

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