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On Expiration (or, Breathing Out).


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Before I write about the content of this post, I would first of all like to extend something to all of you who read and, follow my pages. I am never quite certain as to just why the the number ‘100’ is quite so significant, however, for some reason, it seems to be the case – for, yesterday, 35:Chronicle received its 100th follower. It’s not a number that I was waiting for, and, whilst I love statistics (though I don’t view them as often as I used to) – I do this for the love of it, the passion for photography and writing, if you like. Not only this, but to read so much wonderful work by so many of you, it’s a perfect way to relax, learn and engage the grey-matter simultaneously!) Nonetheless, whilst the number is just that, I wear a smile – one of gratitude to every single one of you who read my pages, enjoy any of my images, click, comment and, get involved even in the smallest of ways.  When I started 35:C back in March, I had no idea that I would be read by so many, or, from so many countries around the world. Today, I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed to these pages and, to you all, I would like to extent my most grateful thanks and, I hope you will return for a long time to come. I also wish to thank my friends who read my pages, offering encouragement and critique, and, whilst they are not WP members (they’ll come around, one day!) your input is utterly appreciated. To Amar, the thinker and the doer, I extend my deepest personal gratitude for the support, technical wizardry, patience and constructive criticism that you tirelessly provide. You’re the best ideas-man out there, barring none; and a good friend.

Without you all, these pages would be little more than an online diary. So, from me – a huge and warm thank you. You’re all completely (bloody) fabulous! This post is dedicated to each and every one of you.




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If you happen to love the colour yellow, this post is also for you. In truth, my frames would have been processed only in black and white were it not for their sunny disposition. The orchid’s form was in fact the reason that I wanted to capture them at all; their almost skin-like texture, their alien, possibly even deep-sea-like centres and, smooth curves. The black and whites speak to me – but how I exhaled in relief when, after only the smallest amount of processing (admittedly, I don’t do much) I looked at these frames. They are not perfect, they’re taken with old equipment but, they work for me.

I had spent the main part of the day preparing and constructing a macro-table in the corner of my spare room, a task which, if you saw it, looks like it should have only taken a few hours – instead, it took the entire day. With matte black covering (I used rolls of framing-card) on the table itself, and using a deconstructed, white plastic soft box, I created a high-ish walled corner which I also covered with the same card, clipped into place. Using a fisherman’s angled fly-tying clamp, a couple of small free-standing mirrors, clamped side lights, an overhead lamp, and an assortment of tripods of varying sizes and purposes, I was good to go. Rather than wait for the following day to shoot them, I waited for dark, doused all the lights I didn’t want, save for those on the table and, set to work. 



35chronicle.085 (3)


One thing that I do believe in when shooting anything to which you’re probably not going to return any time soon, or, ever – is – to shoot the hell out of it and from every angle you want. Use different depths of field, change lens-to-subject distance, exploit your subject to the maximum. Cut off from it’s host stem, this flower would last maybe two days in a shot glass full of water, at most. Therefore, I spent almost two hours with it. Just shooting. Recomposing. Re-shooting – and, loop! It’s a process that I become totally absorbed in; the rest of life disappears for a while, during which time my respect for the subject becomes all that is important to me. Casual has it’s time and place – but it’s not here. Some things are just too beautiful for that.  I hope that these elements come across in these frames.



35chronicle.085 (1)


Thank you, always, for taking the time to view my pages. I am more grateful than I can write. 

[Frames V, VI, VIII – Ricoh GXR w/A12 33mm 2.5 Macro. Frame VII – Sigma SDQ w/18-35mm 1.8 Art, at 35mm]

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4 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XV | Orchid | 35:Chronicle

  1. Congratulations Robert. I noticed your absence from blogging for the last couple of weeks and couldn’t help but wonder when you’ll be back with your new project(s). 🙂 Loved these set of orchids just as much as I loved the previous ones in monochrome. Thank you for sharing your captures with us. Best, Leah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Leah. So nice to hear from you and I really am glad you’ve enjoyed my recent posts. Thank you too, for your support and involvement – it means a great deal to me! Have a lovely weekend, Leah. 🙏 Best.. R.

      Liked by 1 person

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