Shifting Spaces | University of Aberdeen | 35:Chronicle

28mm, black & white, Indoor, photography, structures

The Sir Duncan Rice Library Atrium.

At the beginning of this week, I was fortunate enough to have made a very special visit and, my first, to Aberdeen. Having arrived during the middle of the afternoon, (and, at this time of year when the light begins to fade not long after 3pm) – photographing during the daytime on the city’s streets left me little time for captures. Leaving my tripod at home was probably not the best idea either, but as street photography was not my primary reason for visiting, I was quick to absolve myself. 



35chronicle.087 (4)


One of the most beautiful places I was guided towards was the library at the city’s university. Primarily, I was told in no uncertain terms that I would fall in love with the view upwards from the ground floor of the Sir Duncan Rice Library. Laced with history, learning, awards and, aesthetic ingenuity and splendour, Kaine was absolutely right. And so, on foot, we made our way. 



35chronicle.087 (3)


On arrival, the ground floor was a bustle of people and, I dodged many in order to selfishly occupy the space directly below the spiralling walkway that shrank as it ascended each of the seven floors above me. Continually, I moved around to capture this incredible structure from as many angles as I could before we had to leave, taking in the lighting and the tantalising lure of so many lines and curves. Coming from a countryside background to this, was – breathtaking. Whilst I can appreciate my natural surroundings in all of its splendour, there is something to be said for photographing outside of any comfort-zone that I most often find myself confined within. 



35chronicle.087 (2)


My thanks go to Kaine for his expert guidance (especially given the time constraints placed upon him) in allowing me to make these (and other, yet to be posted) captures. I hope you will all enjoy these few frames which form only a small part of this incredible and, beautiful structure. 



35chronicle.087 (1)


(All images shot at 28mm, ISO 1600 & handheld).


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10 thoughts on “Shifting Spaces | University of Aberdeen | 35:Chronicle

    1. Alena, thank you! I tried not to conform my framing because of the rotation and irregularly regular curves and angles but, as you see from frame four, I couldn’t resist!! 🤣Thank you for your comments Alena! 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Very cool place. I know a photographer named Larry Lefever (Larry Lefever Photography) who told me he shoots street at ISO 3200 with no problem. I hesitate to go past 1000 with my A6000. Nice shots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a staggering building. Better shot at night with full effect of interior lighting. Wish I’d had longer there, for sure. I’ll look Larry up too. I never shoot past 1600 for handheld low light (although 3200 is a possibility but loss of detail prevents me using it) and while my stance is still steady, I’m happy to cap it there. Especially for black and white work. I’m ok by hand down to around 1/3″. Been a while since I’ve endulged but, really enjoyed it! Thanks for your kind comments, Mike! 🙏


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