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Light, Shadow & Form.

This is the penultimate post in this latest series of images from the humble orchid, which resides and, seems to be thriving, happily in my living room. I cannot say that I prefer the colour frames previously posted in PT.XV – for the light, shadow and form which I feel when I see these frames in black and white, grabs my attention without any distraction. The qualities which for me, make this subject so beautiful, are not enhanced one iota by their colour. I wonder how many might feel or see the same. If I have done any justice to this little flower in these few captures, then, maybe you will?



I. [33mm f8.0]

35chronicle.089 (2)

II. [33mm f14]

35chronicle.089 (4)

III. [33mm f8.0]

35chronicle.089 (1)

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7 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XVI | Orchid [B&W PT.II] | 35:Chronicle

    1. I always enjoy reading different views and perspectives and, yours has to be one of the most interesting I’ve read yet! And oddly, I can see exactly where you’re coming from! Thank you. 🙏 I’m glad you like them! Best regards, Rob.

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