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Reflective Practise | A Personal Narrative.

During a wander along the Clyde towards Glasgow Green, just past the Jamaica Bridge, I came across these two buildings. I stopped, of course. While the traffic buzzed past me and people nudged against my arm as if to criticise me for standing still, for not going with the flow like everyone else, I stood. Still. As I looked left then right, taking in each structure, silly questions entered my head, such as, I wonder if the city’s planning department sanctioned the building of one to complement the other, in some perverse way? Coming from a conservation area myself, local councils would seldom allow the building of one that didn’t in some way fit-in with the buildings nearby and then I wondered, was the glass building perhaps some kind of reminder? An existential nudge to passers-by?

Religion is not a part of my life and never has been, at least not since my infant school told me that I was C of E – I wasn’t; only, the son of C of E parents for, at five years of age I knew nothing of the concept of religion. Still, I have grown up always wanting to be not only aware of my limitations but, also of my potential. Like the implied good, reflecting back at me. As a result, I began to wonder again, as if to confirm my thoughts that, no matter how well we think we’re doing, we can always be better. Reflect and, project.

Now that, is something in which I can definitely believe.



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2 thoughts on “Something to Believe | Glasgow | 35:Chronicle

  1. Wonderful frames and interesting thoughts, Robert!
    I’m also not religious but still I think
    we all would have better lives if we will try to treat people around us better. Not to love everyone just try to treat people we see everyday better.

    Liked by 1 person

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