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28mm, black & white, night / low-light, photography, urban

Look Down.

A little bit of a mixed up post, this one – image-wise, certainly. Still, during a recent visit to Aberdeen, I took the opportunity to shoot something that I don’t shoot often enough and, I loved it. I miss shooting on the street (though I do not in any way consider myself very good at the genre) but also, I love to catch people in the frame too. Occasionally, there’s an interaction that not only warrants a thumbs up from me but a bloody big smile when I later review certain frames and, remember how good it felt to capture them. Anyway, though maybe a little cliched, this is just for fun – so please don’t judge me too harshly! I hope you’ll enjoy these captures. 


I | Look Down [I].

35chronicle.093 (4)

II | Look Back.

35chronicle.093 (2)

III | Look Down [II].

35chronicle.093 (1)

IV | Look Forward.

35chronicle.093 (3)

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