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St. Giles’ Cathedral – Edinburgh | PT.I

We’re all running short of time at this end of the year, so, let me say this off the bat in case you don’t have time yet to read to the end of the post – to all of you who read and follow my pages, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and,  I extent my warmest thanks for your support, your comments and, your valuable time ever since I started my little blog, back in March. It’s been a superb journey thus far and, I hope to get at least one more post in before Hogmanay!

On Friday of last week, I had occasion to visit Edinburgh. As it’s that time of year again, I do like to get to Princes Street and do the whole Christmas Market thing, kind of a tradition and as I didn’t get to visit last year, I was very keen to get there before this Christmas kicked off, proper. Now, I resisted the temptation to shoot all things Christmassy so please do forgive me for the lack of tinsel, Santa-hats, seasonal pullovers, mistletoe and the like. Instead, I again only wanted to capture the feel of the place at this time of year. With that said, the images I have chosen for this post may feel a little off-piste or, at the very least, somewhat off-topic. The thing is, I’m not religious nor do I have any great love of this time of year, however, I do enjoy its essence, and – different things mean different things to different people. So, instead of capturing the shiny and commercial side of the season, per se, I decided instead to simply wander and shoot. 

I | Blue. [X100T: 35mm – 1/13th – f2.8 – ISO:1600 – +0.7 – Matrix]

35chronicle.097 (1)


Sadly however, the weather was bloody atrocious, nothing but dull light, blanket grey skies and drizzle for most of it, which, made things a little tricky, as is oft’ the case under such conditions when you’re wielding a camera. I decided then, that West Parliament Square would be a great place to grab some serious frames – at the Cathedral of St. Giles. In my bag I carried two cameras – my X100T and, my Richoh (True Full-Spectrum converted) GXR – see my Light Waves page for more info on TFS if you’re not au-fait with it). The Fuji handled outdoors just fine but, being a habitual ISO:1600 maximum shooter, it was sluggish here. I did grab a good number of frames with it inside St. Giles’ and in fact, two of them are right here – but when I really struggled, the GXR’s completely unhindered sensor came into its own. Especially when the light became really difficult. Of course – shooting in mixed light with a full-spectrum camera makes things extremely tricky when it comes to colour reproduction but it’s forte is really black and white output anyway – so, I was in my element. Shutter speeds were almost twice as fast as the standard Fuji when my ISO and Av were the same. A nice little bonus when shooting hand-held indoors and, it certainly helped me in keeping a few frames a little less shaky, shall we say? 

As an aside, the X100T frames have a rather HDR look about them, which I am surprised at. After extremely minimal processing from RAW (RAF converted to DNG) and not even two minutes consideration I am, though I do not enjoy HDR images, very pleased with the results here – and the subject matter does seem to pop, rather nicely.  

II | Ornation. [GXR (TFS): 24mm – 1/25th – f4.0 – ISO:1600 – -0.3 – Matrix]

35chronicle.097 (3)

III | Yes, I Probably Looked a Right Berk Laying on my Back on the Cathedral Floor for this One – but, I Don’t Care! [X100T: 35mm – 1/13th – f2.8 – ISO:1600 – +0.7 – Matrix]

35chronicle.097 (2)


I hope you will enjoy these few frames, that you have a splendid Christmas, however you’re celebrating and, I hope to be here again with you before the New Year! 

Have a fabulous time, all! 


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16 thoughts on “Internal Affairs | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

  1. The first one with its warm light I like the best. For me, it transports a festive mood… without any christmas stuff. Happy holidays for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mike, Thank you! Yes, I have followed MT for many years and he was an inspiration in my using the GRs as Huff was in my first use of the GXR system too. I’ve used them ever since and am seldon left wanting. I am very pleased to receive your comments, and, I hope you have a very happy holiday! All the best, Rob. 🙏


    1. Yes, all religious buildings of a certain era have a huge appeal to me too. As far as interiors go, St. Giles’ is a pure joy to see. And capture. I have a few more to post yet, so, I hope I can keep up the standard! As always, thank you for your comments, I’m very happy that you like them. Have a fabulous Christmas! Warm regards, Rob. 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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