In-Spired-Out | 35:Chronicle

black & white, infrared, photography, structures

We Are, Therefore, We Create.

I | Scott Monument – Princes Street, Edinburgh | 28mm – 1/125th – f4.2 – ISO: 259.

35chronicle.105 (1)

II | Spire of St. Theresa’s [II: VIS] – Dumfries | 35mm – 1/220th – f5.6 – ISO:200.

35chronicle.105 (2)

III | Greyfriars [II] | 720nm IR | 24mm – 1/125th – f7.6 – ISO: 336.

35chronicle.105 (3)

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10 thoughts on “In-Spired-Out | 35:Chronicle

    1. Maria, thank you. πŸ™ In post 101 I captured it from a different angle and using IR light instead. I’m still not sure which of the two I prefer but the simplicity is addictive to me, and the way the light goes from dark to light in stages. A bit like life, I guess.


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