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Either Side of 35.

As I am now on the verge (pardon the pun, please?) of re-commencing my photographic passions with entirely different systems, both of which feature fixed 35mm (FoV) lenses, I thought it might be nice to reflect a little on the two IR systems that I enjoyed last year. Both of them are either side of 35 and, of different wavelengths to the 720nm I will from here-on, be concentrating – and, my anticipation of getting back out there is again heightened by such reflection. 

These few frames were taken around Megget Water; either of, from or, towards Megget Dam, (not far from St. Mary’s Loch) in South West Scotland – during July of last year. Most frames that I had posted of Megget last year concentrated mainly on the reservoir itself, but there are clearly other views. I simply cannot wait to go back in the spring. I might even remember to pack my heaviest tripod and a Big-Stopper, next time! 


I | From | 28mm | 760nm Infrared.

35chronicle.106 (1)

II | Towards | 50mm | 715nm Infrared.

35chronicle.106 (2)

III | Of | 28mm | 760nm Infrared.

35chronicle.106 (3)

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16 thoughts on “A Stop-Gap, Perhaps? | 760 & 715nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. I remember the first shot! All are just amazing! You have very beautiful nature there. Estonia is very flat. The highest point is 318 metres above sea level. And it’s called “Big Egg Mountain” Mountain! 😀 In fact when you see a picture of it you just wonder: hmmm… where is the mountain? 😀 I was born in Bashkortostan and there are a lot of hills, shihans and cliffed coasts… and a lot of plains. I miss the space and this feeling of freedom. Thanks to your shots I can get a bit of this feeling too.

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    1. Thank you, Alena! Yes, we have lots of hills, indeed. However, much of this landscape, though rolling in nature ewas built up further to accommodate the huge reservoir. The first shot will be familiar, yes. A slightly different angle of shot number 2, post #46. I’m so glad you liked these. Thank you, always, for your comments! Best, R. 🙏

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