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Moss, Inside Droplets |  A Colour Excursion.

Two days ago I posted a few close-ups (almost macro, maybe) of a little of the moss on my garden wall, after a light drizzle. As many of you who read my posts and view my work, it will be all too apparent that my preferred medium is black and white and, as such, I tend to think in this way when I am envisioning and composing a shot. Still, there are many who like a little colour and I cannot neglect those of you either. Though I shoot and post for myself (don’t take that the wrong way, only, I resist the temptation to shoot or process images based on expectation of any audience) I do sometimes process for colour representation, just – not very often (unless the colours are the reason that I want to make the frame in the first place). On this day, when I made these shots, the light was rather flat; however – diffuse, cloudy light can be rather useful for evening out exposures and, also, can render saturation of colour far more pleasingly than harsh or direct light. As such, for Rajeev and for Quy, and anyone else who might have wondered how I would have seen the images of #107 in colour – here they are. I can only hope that they were worth your wondering. (I haven’t included the IR frame – false colour infrared really doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid).

[On a slightly technical note – I love to use minimal equipment and carry as little as I possibly can. Not many of us like gear or choice to get in the way of how we shoot and I am a huge fan of minimal.  With that said, I have no need for a dedicated macro lens and, while my normal 35mm FoV lens focuses down to a minimum of around 6″ (I just have to be more careful not to block the light I wish to use, and predictably, the wider the lens, the harder it becomes) – I get a lot closer when I pop my Hoya +10 on the front of it. The +10 was also used for these frames, though not at closest focus distance.]

I do hope you’ll enjoy these few captures.



35chronicle.108 (1)


35chronicle.108 (3)


35chronicle.108 (2)

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32 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XVIII [II] | 35:Chronicle

  1. You are saying: no copying or redistribution. Does that include no reblogging? Because I have been, as you know, without asking consent!

    I would like to remind people of moss and reblog this. Sarah


    1. You’re welcome Mike. That’s not a bad price at all. I’ve used mine on various lenses and cameras and it’s never let me down. I hope, if you get one one, you’ll have the same or even better experiences. 🙏


    1. Thank you, Art! If you seriously consider a camera conversion, drop me a line (email address at bottom of post) and I may be able to help. For ultimate versatility, I recommend FS of course. Glad you like these few frames! 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Mike. The very same. Works a treat, edge to edge with no distortion or drop-off. None of these frames are cropped and any fall-off is only focus, at macro distances. All shot at f8. 🙏 😉


    1. Maria, thank you. 🙏 They’re a very understated little plant, for sure, unless one has a lawn full of them! Lovely to read your comments! (PS: Thank you for a wonderful word!) ✍️

      Liked by 1 person

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