Stone, Cold, Hazy | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, photography, ruins, structures

Sweetheart Abbey.

The ruins of Sweetheart Abbey stand on the edge of the village of New Abbey, not even a ten minute drive from Dumfries along the Solway coast-road. On this particular day, temperatures were freezing and, the fog was thick, still I made my way in the hope that I might make some frames of this lovely structure in the mists. As I suspected, there were no other visitors on this day which would have made composition and exclusion a lot simpler however,  sadly, on arrival, I discovered that around 40% of the site was clad high in scaffolding and, almost half of the grounds were cordoned-off with temporary fences covered with CCTV warnings and police signage. Bit of a mood-killer, to say the least. With a little careful framing, however, I was able to grab a few frames of this gorgeous structure – not quite what I intended when I set out, but – almost close. 

I hope you’ll enjoy these few, only slightly misty captures.



35chronicle.110 (1)


35chronicle.110 (3)


35chronicle.110 (2)

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8 thoughts on “Stone, Cold, Hazy | 35:Chronicle

  1. Do you like the Queen? I forgot 🙂
    Good atmosphere despite the mist is light! My favourite is the second shot. I started to fantasize that someone could be here 🙂 Like a ghost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never met her, but I did shake hands with her husband back in ’84 and he was a hoot! 😂 The light was good here, Alena, but the mist had started to lift somewhat by the time I arrived. Well worth another visit – when Heritage Scotland have finished with the scaffolding. As for ghosts, I wonder if Lady Devorgilla still resides? 😳

      Liked by 1 person

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