Morton Castle Ruins, Scotland | PT.III – Finale | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, landscape, photography, ruins, structures, waterscape

Its Place in Time.

At the risk of posting somewhat predictably of late, I can safely say that this is to be the last in my recent series of images taken at Morton. Since visiting, despite the awfulness of the weather and light-conditions at the time, it should be of no surprise that I fully intend to return to the ruins as soon as I possibly can; hopefully when conditions are far more conducive to my intentions, perhaps. Such a place is somewhat of a rarity – though local landscapes are abound with dilapidated historical and dare I say, romantic relics, however, Morton has a situation, a place-in-time so to speak, that can render one utterly speechless simply for the sight of it. Though I did try to capture the site from a number of angles and perspectives which might express just how romantic this place is, I know that I can do better. Finer weather would be a real treat, though. Yes, I shall certainly return – and, it won’t be a day too soon. 

VII. | Morton Castle & Loch | 35mm.

35chronicle.114 (1)

VIII. | East-Side D-Turret | 35mm.

35chronicle.114 (3)

IX. | East-Nor-East [II] | 35mm.

35chronicle.114 (2)


I very much hope that you’ll have enjoyed this series. 


(For more images in this series, simple click on the ‘morton castle’ tag.)
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10 thoughts on “Morton Castle Ruins, Scotland | PT.III – Finale | 35:Chronicle

  1. Sometimes when you go back to a place you see things you didn’t notice before. Great shots! By the way check your spam folder, I posted a couple of comments last week about castles and don’t see them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mike. Glad you like them! You’re right too, I often revisit for that very reason and also, different light conditions can steer the eye in other directions too. My next jaunt here will hopefully be to capture the ruins in IR and possibly somewhat wider-angle. Hope springs! (And yes, I’ll go check – thanks for the heads-up!) Hope you have a great weekend ahead, Mike. Best, R. 🙏


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