Every (Bloody) Penny | Princes Street, Edinburgh | 35:Chronicle

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No Complaints – Honest!

Last year, during another of my annual pilgrimages to Edinburgh in order to enjoy some of the silly-season’s festivities, I did what I always do not long after I arrive – that is, to pay nothing short of a small fortune to board the Edinburgh Wheel at Princes Street Gardens and, make three full rotations before being booted-off. (One has to laugh, I suppose.) However, though I utterly begrudge the abusing of the general good-nature and festive-charity of the average, joy-seeking tourist, I can’t complain one bit when I have come away with a few frames that I couldn’t possibly have got, without having been royally fleeced, beforehand. So, here are my two chosen frames from inside my pod at the very top of the slowly rotating Ferris-wheel – looking out first over Princes Street Gardens, Waverley Station and towards the Royal Mile, and secondly, through the car’s rain-smeared window at the Scott Monument and along Princes Street itself. In a nutshell? For me anyway, worth every bloody penny!


I | Princes Street Gardens, Waverley, Royal Mile | 35mm.

35chronicle.116 (1)

II | Scott Monument, Princes Street | 35mm.

35chronicle.116 (2)

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4 thoughts on “Every (Bloody) Penny | Princes Street, Edinburgh | 35:Chronicle

  1. Great shots, Robert! Don’t you afraid of heights? I do a bit but anytime I come to another city or country I wish to climb somewhere to look how it looks like from above 😂

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    1. I’m OK with heights really, Alena. Except when I climbed the monument in the second shot. Damn near sh*t myself by level 4. Size 11 shoes and tiny steps up a steep narrow stairwell with no hand-rail.. frightening combination! Even worse when you meet someone else coming down as you’re trying to stay conscious on the way up! Never again!! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Not really – I never could do the last level. Totally wimped-out! Shameful, isn’t it. But it was the shoes – right size for my feet, too big for the steps. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

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