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Decisions, Decisions.

If you’re not interested in camera gear or those of us who harp on about it from time to time, you may want to switch the channel. Still, I’m not going to write a huge spiel here – not yet; there’ll be plenty of time for that, I know. However, what I will say is that last week, I received my latest alternative-wavelength conversion, in the form of my ol’ Ricoh GR. It’s had it’s internal IR-blocking filter removed, and that in turn has been replaced with 450nm glass, allowing me to shoot some lovely, detailed split-spectrum black and whites which will also absorb IR wavelengths under bright, outdoor light along with visible light above the 450nm threshold. Obviously, the the first reason I wanted this is because it’ll allow me to use IR filters of different wavelengths and, I can shoot it alongside my standard GR too without the need for a bag. My pair of Fujis need the bag but these two fit right in my jacket pockets without any fuss at all.  Insosaying, I took the bike out today, two GRs barely noticeable in the lower pockets of my jacket, and went for a leisurely spin. Those shots will come – but this one, was the first frame I bagged a few days ago (shot with a variable IR Gradient filter set to around 715nm, on the front element). 

The resolving power of this thing is just nuts despite the fact that this was shot using the GRs slightly lower resolution 35mm internal crop mode (in order to avoid vignetting from the hood). Though I have yet to compare its output with my 720nm converted X100 – for what I need, I know already it’s going to be impossible to have a preference. 

If you’re a fan of black and white IR, I hope you’ll appreciate this one. Experiment, play, repeat.

(A.V – thank you, my friend. It’s perfect!)


Peek-a-Boo | 35mm | 715nm Infrared.


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6 thoughts on “First Shot from Ricoh GR 450nm Conversion | 715nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. Yep, I’m in a market for a new GRII to replace my Canon and have it converted to 590nm. GRs are famous for their ultrasharp lenses and your above shot only proves it. Plus the fact that it is a DSLR-sensor gear that literally fits in your jeans’ pocket is why GR is such a cult camera.

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    1. Jiri, great to hear from you. Yes, you’re right, though cult status in the UK never really happened. But out of every digital I’ve ever shot with, the GR is the most versatile. And I don’t shoot street. For me, a picture is a picture, and as I shoot predominantly at 35mm FoV and usually for mono, what I get out of this thing is better than I ever got from any of my old film set-ups. As you say, DSLR quality in a small package. Works for me. Plenty of good deals on GRs and GR IIs with the soon to be released III. Happy hunting! Thanks for your comments and thoughts, J. 🙏


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