In the Still of the Light | PT.IV | 720nm IR | 35:Chronicle

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The Ruin at the Cross | Finale.

Having had the pleasure of trying out my new GR conversion last week, I now have the pleasure of sharing with you the last two infrared frames, bagged during my saunter around the old church at the Cross, not far from my home. I have always enjoyed how the GR allows me to reproduce texture, contrast and visual detail (though, ironically perhaps, I care little for actual sharpness) especially as I shoot almost exclusively for black and white and, having this second GR in my bag (or occasionally, my pocket) really does extend potentials for  light-weight, no-fuss photography  – both for visible-light captures and for alternative wavelengths. 

I hope that these frames are as pleasing to your eye, as they are to mine. (Roll on, spring).



35chronicle.120 (1)


35chronicle.120 (2)

(Both images photographed with a 450nm internally converted Ricoh GR, + front-mounted Hoya R72 IR filter.) 

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6 thoughts on “In the Still of the Light | PT.IV | 720nm IR | 35:Chronicle

  1. A friend of mine had an old DSL camera converted too, I am thinking of doing the same thing. Really enjoying all your images.

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    1. I highly recommend it, Carolyn. I have two converted cameras alonside my standard setups too. Makes for very enjoyable changes in photographic direction no matter what the weather. Glad you’re enjoying them! Thank you! 🙏 Best, Rob.


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