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Shelling-Out (for Reasonably Priced G.A.S).

Right-oh – this post is just for a little fun. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to buy a cracking (barely tripped) little camera and all the trimmings at a bit of daft price and, as I’d had one around eight years ago (and sold it to fund my first GR), nostalgia for its punchy output got the better of me and so – ker-ching! (You know how it is, right?) Ricoh’s GRD IV was for me, a cracking little street camera but, it was also great for indoor candids; its black and white output has been praised ad-infinitum too, all over the inter-web – and with very good reason. (Check out the inimitable Olivier Duong’s page about it here, posted almost three years ago, at Inspired Eye if you’re interested). However, the real reason I bought it again, was to set it up in my macro studio.

I. | 1″ | f5.6 | ISO:80

35chronicle.124 (1)


With the combination of its small sensor and a minimum film speed of ISO/ASA:80, it’s a fabulous little thing for getting closer and providing plenty of DoF (depth of field) at macro-distances. I don’t know if it’s 1:2 or a 1:1 equivalent and frankly, I don’t care a hoot. It gets close. Though I didn’t exploit its 10mm  closest-focus, I did have a little bit of a play with a few shells that I’d pocketed from the beach last week, after I’d photographed the Thirlstane. To be honest, I really can’t see that much of a difference in IQ (image quality) at ISO80 at these close distances, to the ISO200 frames I grab with any of my APS-C set-ups. I’m sure there is a difference, I just can’t distinguish it. But for DoF, with IQ at this level – I think I’m going to enjoy playing with this little macro-monster more and more. Just when I thought I’d become an utter APS-C  (minimum) IQ-snob – I end up with this thing again, after all this time. Who’d have thunk it? I still love it!

II. | 8” | f8.0 | ISO:80

35chronicle.124 (2)


Thanks so much for reading, I do hope that you’ll enjoy these couple of frames and, are having a great weekend.


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