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Visions | One Year Ago.

It’s not often that I would make two posts in a day, however, I received a little reminder from our friends at WordPress, that 35:Chronicle Photography is – a year old, today! My, hasn’t it gone by quickly?! 


When I first decided to post here, I made myself a set of rules – sticking primarily to one focal-length in order to push myself a little harder in the hope that I might improve my eye and, with work and luck, hopefully too, to become more creative with my cameras. Coupled with my passion for black and white, visible light and infrared photography, though I have wavered from time to time in some areas, I am happy to know that in the main, I’ve stuck to my guns and though I cannot be the judge of my own progress, I do feel that I’ve learned more in this past year, than any other. This learning doesn’t happen all by itself though. 

Over the last twelve months, my pages and images have received over 8,000 views along with thousands of clicks, comments and, over 150 followers. This much, I could never have expected and to say that I have been overwhelmed is a little bit of an understatement. Your support, regular and frequent input, ideas, and the overall ethos of what an artistic community should represent and indeed does just that, spurs me on to write and share what it is that I absolutely love to do; to make photographs.

I would therefore like to share my most heartfelt thanks to all of you who read my pages whether you are WP subscribers or perhaps just occasional visitors, those of you who get involved, and those who create art in whatever form you do so, for my pleasure, learning and entertainment, also. I am continuously encouraged. To those close to me also for your patience and encouragement, and to work colleagues whom I may bore with my photographic blabberings on an almost weekly basis. To Amar (for your valued and consistent friendship, your amazing technical and scientific wizardry and, your wonderful infrared conversions, it has to be said) and to everyone who has helped me along the way, too. I’d also like to say hello and a big thank you to the members of the Guildford Photographic Society – I too browse your pages and images regularly and also appreciate the huge amount of talent you collectively possess. Keep up the wonderful work! Thank you too, to the people behind WordPress – for creating and maintaining a wonderful platform through which we can all share what we love.

With so much still to be done over the next twelve months – I do hope you’ll stick around and hopefully, enjoy what’s to come. 

Thank you!


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10 thoughts on “A Huge “Thank You!” | 35:Chronicle

    1. Brian,, what can I say? I’m delighted to read your comments. That’s just what this is all about, don’t you think? Sharing ideas and trying new things, finding different ways to achieve a goal. I love the inspiration I find also, in so many works of others and to give a little back, is a real plus for me. Your words have made my day, Brian. Keep up your incedible work – I seriously have nooooo idea how you do it!! 😁 🙏 Have a great day. Best, Rob.

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