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It’s a Beautiful Thing.

Visually, I am utterly drawn to churches, graveyards, old stone, ancient architecture – moreover, the atmosphere that oozes from an old idea of what structural art could be, and touches the insides; those enduring testaments of purpose combined with design, symbolism and even greatness that entices awe, wonder and even momentary feelings of belonging. It’s not about religion though, at least – not for me. I believe it’s about our instinctive desire as human beings to create, which must be surely born solely from the sense of what we feel most passionately about? Whether it’s created from what we need or, what we most want, it truly is a very beautiful thing to create. Inspiration plays a huge part too and, from what we have seen or known before, a benchmark is set from which we can visualise elements in our own minds that perhaps are unique to each of us. Sometimes though, some designs are so enduring, that very few elements differ nowadays, from even their initial conception, deep in the past. Can you think of a better design for a pair of scissors, perhaps, a paperclip, or – the wheel? While maybe not visually awe-inspiring in the main, these designs endure. 

IV | Remains [I] | 21mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.130 (1)

V | 21mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.130 (3)


Many of Scotland’s more modern churches, however, whilst conforming to a design ethic, don’t always have the same feel as the more ancient, yet, many are built on the site of far older chapels and these run down structures can illicit the very same emotions and feelings of mystery as their far grander replacements, purely by their own, often more crude yet still clearly purposeful design. Here at Closeburn, though I have driven by so many times over the years, having also made countless reminders to myself while doing so, that I should visit and photograph the church across the fields, I never, ever noticed the old chapel behind it. I had no idea that it was there. 

Naturally, I would prefer a far less cloudy day if I am to make the most of this beautiful place, and perhaps I am jumping the gun just a tad in sharing these particular infrared images, because I absolutely know that I can capture it better than this – in a way that I know is not just a visualisation in my mind, but an achievable reality. Still, I love this secluded spot and my impatience often gets the better of me – and so it has today. I hope you’ll enjoy them. There’s peace here. Roll-on summer, so that I can head back.

VI | Remains [II] | 21mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.130 (2)


This post is written in salute to the late Sir Simon Marsden – a true pioneer and one of my own personal inspirations in the field of infrared photography. Methods change, but ideas endure. 


[All images: Ricoh GR 720nm IR Conversion]


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