Drumlanrig Castle [720nm IR] | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography, rural, structures

The Last of the First | Ricoh GR Infrared.

To say that I love shooting with an IR-converted GR is an understatement. As Drumlanrig has been its initial proving-ground, I know all too well that I will have to return when spring has worked its magic, and the leaves have returned to complete the effect. More than likely, I will also be looking to compare outputs between this wonderful conversion and, my converted X100 – I know already it’ll be a very close call. Furthermore, as the gardens to the house will soon be open again to the public (on my recent visit, the groundsmen were working furiously to prepare them) I feel extremely excited to know that I will have much more time here, to explore again – and yes, shoot to my heart’s content, should conditions be fair. Hopefully, photographically speaking- I will be able to do this place much more justice. I’m not there yet, but my shutter-finger is twitching already at the prospect; and my impatience is becoming increasingly apparent. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these two frames as much as I have. 


V | Drumlanrig Castle | 720nm IR | 35mm Internal Crop / 4:3 – 250th – f8 – ISO:100

35chronicle.132 (1)

VI | Lined | 720nm IR | 35mm Internal Crop / 4:3 – 125th – f7.1 – ISO:100

35chronicle.132 (2)

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6 thoughts on “Drumlanrig Castle [720nm IR] | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

  1. Lovely blog and shots! Where did you make your IR-conversion of the Ricoh GR? And how much was it? I do mainly infrared work myself (simonsmaars on Instagram) but shoot only with Roleiflex cameras and Rollei infrared films. I would love to be able to have a small pocketable digital IR camera! =)
    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Simon. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I shall have to get myself an account to view your work properly but previews are extremely interesting! Many years ago I tried IR on film but yes, my two IR converted cameras are my saviour for the work I enjoy the most. All of my conversions over the last (I lose count!) 8 or so years, have been made by the same splendid fellow. His name is Amar, and you can reach him at av4amar@gmail.com – please do drop him a line and tell him that Rob sent you. I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you if he’s able to. You won’t regret it. Thank you for following. It’s good to know of another dedicated IR enthusiast! Have a great weekend, Simon. Best regards, Rob 🙏 📷


    1. For sure, Mike, they are excellent subjects. One of my favourites. But I’ve become so used to seeing / shooting in IR that I seem to incorporate my normal black and white process moreso in infrared whenever the chance arises in as many settings as I can. Light painting (as I think you mean it) is a wonderful work flow, sadly, one I have little time for outside of working with just my eye and a camera and, I have no idea how a visible light painting process would be visible when shooting IR. I like simple, I guess. Too old and set in my ways, I suspect. Besides, I’m happy with the light from above me, most of the time. That way, I still get to choose how I want to capture it. Thanks for your comments, Mike! Food for thought. 🤔


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