Orchardton Tower | 720nm IR | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

28mm, black & white, infrared, photography, ruins, rural, structures

A Once Outdated Revival?

A few miles drive from the beautiful Dundrennan Abbey, in the parish of Buittle (pron: Bittle) stands this fabulous structure, just a mile or so south of the village of Palnackie. It dates back to around 1400 AD and was built by the Cairns family who became strongly associated with this area from the early 15th century, onwards. What is special about Orchardton is that today, it is the only cylindrical tower left standing in Scotland. Oddly, it was also built around 200 years after round towers had ceased to be fashionable. 

The tower was situated at the north-east corner of a fortified yard which would have sheltered livestock and other domestic amenities, but itself, would have provided living accommodation on each floor, accessed mostly likely by the use of a movable staircase. At 11 metres in height, once climbed, the tower also provides spectacular views over the surrounding landscape, though here, the stonework is the real treasure. The last of its kind.



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15 thoughts on “Orchardton Tower | 720nm IR | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

  1. I really like the second image. It sort of reverses the concepts of light and shadow. The door opens letting in the light in the shape of the doorway, instead of a shadow cast by the light hitting the door where the door would obstruct the light. I guess my brain is funny that way – seeing opposites 🙂 Of course, seeing through the door adds that 3rd dimension as well.

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