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35mm, black & white, close-up, macro, nature, photography

In [& from] the Garden.

Over this recent and beautiful Easter weekend,  I took immense pleasure in setting up my close-up gear and, I took a wander around the borders and beds to see what I might find to shoot. I did manage a number of frames and, whilst I worked primarily for colour in this instance, I still couldn’t find as much pleasure from them, as I found in them once I had processed for black and white. Even here, there’s no getting away from the sheer, unavoidable distraction of colour. 

I | Bleeding Hearts | 35mm. 

35chronicle.136 (1)

II | Early Bluebells | 35mm.

35chronicle.136 (3)

III | Bleeding Hearts [Side View] | 35mm.

35chronicle.136 (4)

IV | Magnolia | 35mm.

35chronicle.136 (2)

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