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Moments Like This.

When a six year-old boy comes home with a gift like this, tied to his huge smile as he hands it to me (because all he can think about is the pictures that I’m going to make from it) it really does tug at the strings. If moments like this mean anything at all, it is that one can never underestimate the hearts of innocents. He’s even promised me he’ll save all of his pocket-money so that he can buy more for me to photograph. If that isn’t worth sharing, I don’t know what is.

(Thanks, Flynn!)



35chronicle.137 (2)


35chronicle.137 (4)


35chronicle.137 (1)

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20 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XXI | These Bleeding Hearts | 35:Chronicle

  1. Amazing work Robert! I’ve grown partial to closeups of flowers. Being able to examine their intricate detail. Such perfection in design. You captured it beautifully! I have a friend who produces what he calls “photoart.” Where he starts with a photo and then uses the computer to turn it into an abstract art form. Recently he was talking about how much of blur versus sharpness should be in an image. I see his point from an abstract view, but I myself am addicted to seeing the sharpness. The veins running through the petals. The pollen dust from the stamens. Your magic with wavelengths beautifully brings out the detail I so love 🙂

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    1. Harold, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so delighted that they speak to you too. 🙏 Please forgive my silence here lately. I’m currently in hospital after a serious work accident and have limited access to WordPress. I’m day four on my back and missing the shooting, writing, reading process. I am trying my best to keep up though! Your thoughts have put a definite smile on my face. And I agree.. I love the details, when I can actually capture them. All the best, Rob. 🙏 📷

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    1. Thank you, Quy! Re. Two previous comments, I certainly don’t see them in my list, but if they show, I’d always respond. Must be a glitch. Huge thanks for sharing these and, glad you enjoyed them! Best, Rob. 🙏

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  2. Very cool. I was thinking yesterday that if any flower should not be in black and white its bleeding hearts but its tricky. A lot of them are very pale and others are a beautiful bright red, rarely on the same branch. So it sounds like your son bought them at a shop somewhere but I bet you can find them growing wild, maybe ask the shop owner.
    We have them here in a local park but I gave up shooting them because its a challenge to get a perfect shot in great light and not crop (I am a bit obsessive). This was my last try two Aprils ago:

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    1. Thank you, Mike for your kind comments. Yes, they were bought and carried home for me and, I was delighted with them. You’re right about the lack of colour consistency in this species as I have tried to capture them before and been somewhat underwhelmed by their pallor. These though, have colour aplenty. In black and white, their shape, delicate nature, and their three-dimensional presence seems to come into its own. Not being a colour fan per-se, I was still delighted how that top frame came out. (Under-lit by a white spot-lamp in the kitchen and, spot-metered). Your link by the way… the composition is wonderful. I’m going back there now! 😁 All the best, Mike and thanks again! 🙏 Rob.

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