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It’s About Time(s).

It’s been around five years since I made any serious portraits and, it goes without saying that after shooting almost nothing but faces for over five years up to that point, I have been missing the genre more and more, as the years have ticked by. With this is in mind, I decided upon a course of action which, seems to me perfectly timed. Despite my recent predicament, rendering me almost useless, physically, my partner agreed to help me with an interior set-up with a view to sitting for me, for a short shooting session. My ulterior motive should be clear however, for, during my previous week-long hospital stay and, at home too over recent weeks, she has barely left my side for even a moment. I could never have expected such unquestionable devotion and yet, every day, I have it. In spades. 

So, as a way of giving something back, my most heartfelt gratitude for time spent and, that which is yet to be – here’s my little gift of a few preserved moments in time. It’s the best I can offer for now. 

Introducing – my Angela. (Another huge reason for me to know what a lucky sod I am.) I hope you’ll enjoy these few frames.



35chronicle.142 (1)


35chronicle.142 (4)


35chronicle.142 (2)


35chronicle.142 (3)


[Equip: X100T | Daylight & Single Spotlight Mix | Two Crutches and Pain-Relief!]

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6 thoughts on “Angela | An Impromptu Portrait Sesh’! | 35:Chronicle

    1. Harold, thanks a million! I couldn’t ask or wish for more than I have. Very happy to read your comments. Of course, subject matter is everything. 😉📷 I’ll pass it on though. 🙏 All the best, my friend. R.

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