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One Temperate Heart.

A little over three weeks into my recovery and I still have a long road ahead. Without labouring any point as to how I got into this position in the first place (you’ll have to read PT.I if you want the most basic of gists) I am at home, being well cared for by my Angie, and, when I have the opportunity (in other words, when she agrees that I’m fit and steady enough to move around a little and not completely doped on opioid pain relief and tripping over my crutches) – the first thing I still want to do (remember: this is a public forum, kids!) is, to make photographs. 

During my second week at home, I was able to do just that from my bedside and, as a way of reiterating that things could definitely be worse, I share these few frames with you all. I am missing some glorious spring sunshine but, it’s not going to stop me. I must keep moving. 

Warmth, Gratitude & Love.


I | From Friends.

35chronicle.143 (1)

II | Introducing Charlotte the Red, by Window Seat (Don’t Ask!)

35chronicle.143 (3)

III | Angie – After Fluffing-Up my Pillows.

35chronicle.143 (4)

IV | From Friends & to Friends.

35chronicle.143 (2)

All Frames: Ricoh GR | 35mm [APS-C Internal Crop at 4:3]
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6 thoughts on “Postcards from the Recovery Position | PT.V | 35:Chronicle

  1. Sweet! You can spend all day playing with light and shadows. My friend Larry Lefever shot his bathroom sink the other day and the way the light hit it was very cool. Go easy on the pain pills and take good care of yourself. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mike! I’m going easy, don’t worry. I love playing with light in the house. I sometimes hold back for feeling that it’s too safe an environment to make shots, the oh so familiar, but in fact, you’re right. I need to throw off the stigma and just shoot! 📷😁 Have a great day, Mike, and thanks for your good wishes. 🙏 Best, Rob.


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