Postcards from the Recovery Position | PT.VIII | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, photography, ruins, rural, structures

Drumcoltran Tower [PT.III]

Okee doke, this is to be the last in my ‘Postcards’ series – no point kicking the backside out of it; (otherwise it just gets boring). Though I did get out and shoot a lot before I ended up rather incapacitated, I have been as productive as I can be of late and, will have some newer, more recent material up soon. Still, with regards to Drumcoltran Tower, I feel that despite three posts, there’s more to capture here and, when I am back on my feet, I absolutely intend to return and shoot again under even better light.

You’ll notice, if you have read Drumcoltran Tower [PT.II] – that I have chosen to post a similar first shot from the parapet and over the neighbouring farm, taken under visible-light conditions as opposed to the original IR frame in PT.II. I guess I still cannot decide which  I prefer. Nonetheless, the whole place has a wonderful feel which, I fully intend to exploit again in the near future. 


VII | From the Parapet.

35chronicle.147 (1)

VIII | From the 3rd ‘Floor’.

35chronicle.147 (2)

IX | Stone Steps by Window.

35chronicle.147 (3)

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6 thoughts on “Postcards from the Recovery Position | PT.VIII | 35:Chronicle

    1. Seeing the staircase from the front, leading upwards, lent a diffrent view entirely, Alena, and the fronts of the steps in shot didn’t really work for me at all. Almost like they took up too much room in the frame, whereas shooting downwards, I could concentrate on the light on the stone in a more two-dimensional space. I am so glad to read your comments, Alena. Thank you! 🙏

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