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On the Inside.

It’s been over seven weeks since the accident that put me flat on my back and, I’ll be brutally honest – it’s starting to hurt more. I’m not talking about the pains from the injuries though, you understand. Those, I can deal with. But the pain I am starting to feel inside, the one specific pain that keeps nagging me and, reminding me that life is still happening and, I need to get back out there and be, well, normal again. To be able to live my life as I live it is all that I want now. I am getting about a lot better lately, but the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, the spring is passed and I feel anxious, taunted, and I know how much I am missing out on because today, I should be out there too.

I | On the Rocks [II] | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.150 (3)

II | Water Under | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.150 (2)


Like a caged tiger, both physically and mentally, with purpose and a distinct rolling of the shoulders, I am pacing, looking out at a world I still can’t touch, yet. It’s temporary – but time doesn’t wait and I am, through my steady improvements, becoming teeth-clenchingly restless for the outside. Artistic block is creeping in too and my edge is feeling decidedly dulled. I need to be doing what I do.  None of this will matter much to many, nor should it matter – but my protracted pauses are of good reason.

Bear with me, please – I’m getting there; and keep doing what you all do. I’m reading!


III | Stronger | 720nm Infrared.

35chronicle.150 (1)

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8 thoughts on “Like a Tiger Caged | 720nm IR | 35:Chronicle

  1. Hang in there Buddy-there are plenty of people that can’t get around and sit home all day watching Dr Phil. Be patient and know its only a matter of time until you’re staring at the sky again, camera in hand.

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