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A Chance Encounter with a Bumble.

To all of you who follow my pages, please accept my deepest apologies for not having posted lately. I know, it’s been around a fortnight. I also know that the world won’t stop turning just because I haven’t pulled my proverbial finger out, either; however, it’s been a busy time for me and I have so much to catch-up on, in life and here on WP. (Harold, I haven’t forgotten, I swear it!) 

When I have had the time, I have taken every opportunity available to get out and shoot and insosaying, I do have a ridiculous amount of work to go through, the (hopeful) fruits of which I will inevitably be sharing with you all just as soon as I have time. I’m making as much as I can and hope to be back on track very soon. In the meantime – I thought I would like to share with you all – a series that I had not expected to be working on over the last few days. As for the colour frame – I know it’s not like me to post much colour work, but, I couldn’t resist the little gem in frame two. The shots aren’t perfect by any means, but I have had a ridiculous amount of fun making them. I do hope that you’ll also enjoy them.

For your enduring patience and commitment, I thank you all. For your kind wishes during my recovery, I am overwhelmed and, I am delighted to report that things are looking good and I hope to be back to my normal routine within the next couple of months, stronger than ever. 

How much we take for granted.



35chronicle.151 (1)


35chronicle.151 (3)


35chronicle.151 (2)

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8 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XXIII | 35:Chronicle

    1. Alena, thank you so much! You know me though, I always tend towards black and white but, I do like the colour frame a lot, too. It was a fun little series to shoot and work on. Yes, I’m definitely on the mend, not quite out of the woods but I’m feeling just fine and looking forward to normality again within the next couple of months I hope. Incredible support also makes such a huge difference! Lovely to hear from you, A! 🙏📷

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  1. I like the part about you having fun. Sometimes I get so caught up in getting a photo that it becomes more of a chore than play which is what it should be. I went to a local fireworks store today and had a ball shooting all the crazy stuff that’s legal now. I’ll probably delete them all but it doesn’t matter at all. I hope you sett the bee free!

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    1. Hi Mike. Yep, it’s gotta be fun, or I just wouldn’t do it. And naturally, the bumble was in no way affected by its spotlight ordeal. 🙏 Seemed to enjoy it, actually. 📷 Good to hear from you, Mike. All the best. R.

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