Down by the River | PT.II | 720nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, photography, trees, waterscape

Looking Up.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was beginning to feel a lot more comfortable on my feet, (with hospital supplied crutches, naturally) – and so, I felt that it was a good time to get across the road and take a little stroll along the river path. My fitness is undoubtedly less since the end of April and I am determined to lessen the damage as much as I can. Not only this, but I have been utterly itching to get out with my cameras again. This day seemed to me a perfect opportunity to kill two proverbial birds with a single stone. With Angie at my side (mainly because she doesn’t trust me walking alone yet – probably a very wise thing) we gently walked for a while, taking in the beautiful afternoon sunshine across the Nith and, regular stops for shots meant that I wasn’t pushing things too hard. 

To keep my bag light, these frames were all shot on my internally IR converted GR (with internal 35mm crop). In all honesty it’s still my go-to for impromptu jaunts. No matter – I hope you’ll enjoy these few frames as I have. I guess that for me, they’re way more significant. I can once again enjoy what I love.

I hope that you will too.


I | Water or, Sky?

35chronicle.152 (1)

II | Still.

35chronicle.152 (2)

III | To Greyfriars.

35chronicle.152 (3)

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11 thoughts on “Down by the River | PT.II | 720nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. Absolutely beautiful Robert. Glad to hear you’re getting out again. My apologies for not visiting your page recently. I’m on the road right now and having a tough time keeping up. A new trail to hike every day. But as always, I take inspiration from your art

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    1. Harold, Great to hear from you and I’m glad you’re living it more, now. I guess I’m trying to do the same now I have a little more mobility. Things are definitely heading in the direction I had hoped for, at this stage. Like you, still catching up. Thank you so much for your kind words. Delighted you enjoy them.. I don’t often feel smug but this series is one of my faves of this year so far. I’m allowing myself to feel it now. Have a great week H! 🙏 Best, Rob

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