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Wind & G.A.S are Not the Same.

I seem to have developed (no pun intended) a propensity for posting late at night, recently – probably because I am still taking regular daytime naps to get me out of pain and it’s better than woofing the narcs that I’m currently prescribed. So, I am more awake at night than I am for most of the day, just lately. It’s not an impossible cycle and I’ll shake it soon, I know. Truthfully, I am feeling great presently and am looking forward to getting truly back to life and furthermore, I am  no longer having to endure most of the awful side-effects of the drugs, some of them rather embarrassing to say the least but, nonetheless, on grounds of utter propriety – unmentionable. A clue could be in the sub-heading, I guess. (If you read on with your tongue in your cheek – that’d be better than taking the rest too seriously. Stuff just – happens, you know?)


Back in February, I visited Morton Castle on a day which initially promised gorgeous blue skies inset with a clear and bright low winter sun – ideal for some IR shots of this utterly beautiful ruin. That was at around the time we had set orff! By the time we arrived, however, the clouds had moved in and the rain (known in Scotland as ‘smirry‘ – fine, light drizzle, really) began to descend and I ended up shooting the whole lot with my standard X100T. (See post I of III – here). There would be no infrared frippery on this particular day. No matter, but with that said, I wasn’t completely happy with the frames I came away with; compositionally I was very happy, but the ‘T’ buggers about with micro-contrast and smears finer details to the point where I just couldn’t live with it. A beautifully usable camera, fabulous lens but, it had to go. Either my software didn’t like its RAWs or, there was simply something about the ‘T’ that seemed to no longer agree with me. At all. Maybe I simply outgrew it, which may have been different if they’d kept the sensor from the very first X100. (Now that one was a peach!) I digress. 

Within just over two months of those initial shots at Morton, I found myself incapacitated, hospitalised, and then convalescing flat on my back for the following two and a half months with around eight or nine fractures to my spine, ribs and foot, a little internal bleeding and more pain than I could have comprehended possible at that time. What else was I to do to cheer myself up – other than to buy a new camera? Apart from the obvious things, photography was right up there on the list of things I was missing the most. Probably joint second, I’d say. I knew I wouldn’t be able to shoot it right away but I could spend weeks familiarising and reading up on it’s features so that when the day came where I could get out and play with it, I’d be more than ready; and so, that’s what I did. I bought the camera I have spent the past five years or so drooling over and, buggered the expense sideways. After all, I might not have even existed anymore – I jest not when I say that it really was that close, at the time of the incident. Hang it all. The Df arrived within a couple of days and the ‘T’ was history. I felt no remorse or pain. Not even a twinge. Move on. 

It’s not really G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) though – I guess that I have enough equipment to shoot pretty much any way I choose to. No, this was about something different entirely. I no longer wanted a camera that would mess about with the detail during shot processing, even in the RAWs – just a tool that would record what it sees and let me decide on output. Full-frame or not, I couldn’t care less (apart from the fact that this thing shoots clean even in the (photographically speaking) dark) – but I have been proved that I waited five years too long. What a plonker. But this isn’t a review (yawn!) – I only wish to post up my first frames from it, taken on a day that started out dismal, and pretty much remained that way, just last week. Low photographic expectations led me to something I didn’t expect – I love these frames, but not as much as being out there again. Despite the clouds, it was the finest of days. For life and, for loved ones.

I hope you’ll enjoy these.


I | Across Morton Loch.

35chronicle.153 (1)

II | Brothers.

35chronicle.153 (2)

III | [A Bit of] Morton Castle.

35chronicle.153 (3)


This post is so gratefully dedicated to everyone who has been here for me in deed, word, or thought over the past couple of months – colleagues, friends, healthcare professionals, well-wishers and fellow bloggers and, most lovingly dedicated to my loved ones, whose patience, warmth and love know no conceivable bounds. Lucky isn’t the word.

To my Angie, to Corbs & to Flynn. X


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10 thoughts on “Morton Castle: Reprise | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

    1. Hi Donald. Yes, the RAWs can be processed just as you would the jpgs, only typically with more data at ones disposal. This is the same for mono IR or, faux colour IR. If you shoot for both raw and jpg, I am assuming you set your jpg preview to mono? If preset WB has been performed to each sequence of IR captures, RAW data can be processed even better than the jpgs using your normal software / techniques for higher quality jpg export. If you need any help at all, or just another head to discuses techniques, feel free to drop me a line at – All the best, Rob 🙏


    1. Hey Brian! You’re not kidding. Absolutely love it and I have to say, the candid portraits I’m seeing from this thing are so much better than anything else I’ve shot in the past 20 years. If ever I had G.A.S – this thing’s the cure. Glad you liked the shots, too. Had loads of fun with it! Have a great weekend, B. I’m looking forward to Wimbles final and F1.. Don’t think I’ll be shooting much on Sunday! 😁 🙏 Best, Rob

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mike. It was indeed a big plunge but I’m glad I took it. We’re only here once, eh? Not sure I’m a reviewer but, I sense that I could bend that rule once more in the near furure. Amazing images? I’ll do my best but can never be my own judge. I will try to do this thing justice though. 🤪

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mike! The Df, my friend. Came with a nice little 50 AF-S / 1.8 too. Loving it and I’m gelling with it just fiiiine. Chipper.. I like that word. Gonna use it more often, definitely. And it’s good to be back posting more regularly too. Really good to hear from you, Mike. Thank you! 🙏 Best, Rob.

      Liked by 1 person

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