Caerlaverock Castle | 720nm Infrared | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, landscape, personal, photography, ruins, rural, skies, structures, trees


When things turn for the worst, we all need some kind of crutch to get us through – something (or things) that we can truly lean on. There’s no subtle message here, though. Besides the obvious, it’s not only been the sticks that have got me on my feet again. Though it was only the beginning, the end of April was a horrifying time for me and I have had no end of support from so, so many people. Friends, work friends and colleagues, healthcare professionals, family and of course, my love and my rock, Angela. I owe so many – so much.


35chronicle.157 (1)


On the inside though, it has been imperative that I am and remain as positive as I  can possibly be and this is why, in writing this short post, I remember and continue to appreciate the support, care and love of every single person to have been here for me and, for those especially – who remain. No, I am not yet out of the woods, but I can see a clearing. Without every single iota of support that I have received over the last almost fifteen weeks, I am certain that I would not be in such good spirits, nor as motivated and hopeful as I unquestionably feel. The reason I’m writing these words, is this: these pictures of the beautiful Caerlaverock Castle are extremely important to me for one huge reason – they are the first outdoor pictures I photographed since the latter part of April.


35chronicle.157 (2)


If photography was not another of my crutches, my loves, I don’t know what else I might have leaned upon to get me back out there, and so, with even the minutest support of every single person who helped to get me back out there and the love, support and patience of a very special woman, I was indeed able (after only eight weeks) to make these frames. I get almost tearful when I view them. The afternoon I made these was a struggle for sure – but it never was going to be just about getting a few pictures. Every single person around me – helped me to make them.


35chronicle.157 (3)


In two words: thank you!


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16 thoughts on “Caerlaverock Castle | 720nm Infrared | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

    1. Who doesn’t like to meet their admirers, no matter how distant, Sarah? Your words hit home and I am so grateful to you. There is much more to come soon and, despite constant life-interruptions, I am getting back on track, slowly and surely. Thank you for following, and I am heartened by your good wishes. Have a wonderful week and as they say, stay tuned! Warm wishes to you. Rob 🙏

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