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A Gift – for a Gift.

It’s not often that I get overly personal through my pages but constant reflection urges me to do so right now. As a passionate photographer, I love to capture, to record in the best way I know how – life; or rather, important scenes and snippets in time (from it). That’s what we do. Our reasons for doing so may change over time or may simply be dependant on the occasion or our subject matter however,  but in truth – when I want to give something back, so to speak, a photograph is the probably the most indelible, lasting gift that I can give, outside of my own self. Insosaying, my time isn’t only spent wandering around old ruins, though by many of my recent posts you would be forgiven for believing so.

I | Lost for Words.

35chronicle.159 (2)


Most of my past four months, in fact, have been spent recuperating (something which I am still doing, and happily I can say – with great improvement) and spending wonderful, quality time with my loved ones. It is fair to say that (especially) lately, in a multitude of ways my life has taken an huge amount of positive turns because of many yet mostly, unforgettably, because of the one most special person in my life – and, a great majority of those turns have been made possible and almost certainly could not have been so without her. It’s her face that I want to see whenever I walk into a room, whenever I pick up a camera, if only to capture her and to remind her to really look, and to see what I see. But she seldom does. 

II | It’s All Fun & Games (Until the Bobbin Runs Out!)

35chronicle.159 (1)


One day, I hope that she will see her importance to me and to many through her guises as a mother, a best friend, a lover, a sister, a daughter and granddaughter, a seamstress, an inspiration, a rock, no – my rock; and, my comfort. (As it turns out, contrary to her gentle demeanour – she’s a painfully merciless backgammon player too!) 

III | Late Evening (or – From Where Evil Plots are Hatched!)

35chronicle.159 (3)


From thin air, through open eyes and, straight to my heart.


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9 thoughts on “Bumble – Through Open Eyes | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

  1. I like also that you say that the most valuable gift you can give is your own self. And receive, of course, always. All things equal, of course.

    It seems to be self-evident that the most valuable gift anyone of us can give is our presence and our attention not just to other humans but the world around.

    And give up the grip that the small and large screens have on us! Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so, so much for all of your comments. It’s important to realise just what is important. As a fellow blogger once reminded us, to look inside, and not so often, out. Good to see you again! 🙏


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