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By the end of July I was already starting to get back on my feet, so, after almost three months of restrictions, it was time for us to plan a road-trip and – do something a little bit different. I dumped the crutches in the boot of the car (just in case) and, we headed to Grangemouth, home of the Kelpies, for a few days r’n’r. 

Though we’d read before about these incredible structures, nothing could have actually prepared us for the sight that awaited us as we approached them on the motorway. Our hotel destination was only a mile or so away from The Helix where these two stunning 300-tonne, 30m high, steel-panelled structures are  situated, so we couldn’t have been better placed. Within an hour of checking in, I’d already loaded up the cameras I’d be using to photograph them and, we were setting off on foot already towards the canal and – towards our first close-up look at the Kelpies; the name itself deriving from the Scottish word for shape-shifting water spirits which inhabit Scotland’s lochs and pools.


35chronicle.160 (1)


Designed and built by Andy Scott in 2013, the Kelpies have been given huge acclaim and attract millions of visitors every year. Its not hard to see why. Standing upon a specially constructed lock and basin, they dominate the skyline in a way so rarely seen, anywhere. For this reason alone, I was determined to capture them in infrared right from the off but in fact, the first and third frame I shall post here, were shot on day two when the clouds had finally lifted to let the sun in. Frame two was shot on day one under less than ideal IR conditions but, has to be included to give some frame of reference as to their domineering and imposing presence. They truly are a sight to see and, I do hope you’ll enjoy these first few frames.


35chronicle.160 (3)


On a side note, I would like to thank, so much,  all of you who follow or regularly read my pages and my works for bearing with me. It’s been a really difficult year since April but I am very glad to say that not only am I recovering extremely well, but I have been so busy enjoying the fruits of life again that I have found ridiculously little time to sit, process, write or do much else for that matter. I really have been making up for lost time, which is another way of saying – my catalogue of shots has been increasing lately!


35chronicle.160 (2)


It’s bally good to be back, so, for reading me again – thank you! 


[All images: Fujifilm X100 Internal 720nm IR – 35mm Equiv.]

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24 thoughts on “The Kelpies | 720nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

    1. David, thank you so much! It’s great to be back posting again and reading everyone’s material. If I had to choose, I think no.3 would be my favourite too. You really should visit if you get the chance. Some night shots from my Df to follow sooooon! Good to hear from you again! 🙏

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    1. Mike, really good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m really pleased you enjoyed these. Absolute belters, up close, I promise you, and, pretty fabulous at night, too. 😉 Its wonderful to be posting again!

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