Goldielea Viaduct | 720nm Infrared | Ricoh GR | 35:Chronicle

28mm, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography, rural, skies, structures, trees

Isn’t it Always About – Time?

When I first moved up to Scotland, this disused viaduct was very soon to be a very regular sight for me – in that my regular work travels around the area of Dumfries & Galloway put it often in my line of sight. Needless to say, taking my love of old, bold structures, landscape and infrared photography into consideration, I have surprised myself that almost twenty years have passed and, I have only recently photographed it. From the roadside, it stands tall and proud, around two-hundred yards away amidst fields and forestry and, a care home stands directly in front of it. Behind it, sits a house and its grounds that, from first appearances, look to have once been a large stable block and yard. It’s unarguably  a beautiful and idyllic spot.

It was a couple of months ago when a rare day occurred; the sun came out early in the morning and seemed to threaten hard to remain out all day so, I grabbed one of my IR  cameras; not specifically for this series of images though, moreso to just throw in my small back-pack for a bike-ride with Angela that would take us through some gorgeous scenery and eventually terminate here – on the Dalbeattie side of Cargenbridge (on the outskirts of Dumfries). All the recent physiotherapy I have been having, though massively helpful, could not have filled my mind with the strength I seemed to feel on this day. An all-too-short twelve miles of road and off-road climbs under a relentlessly blue sky and increasing heat, pushing my legs to the limit and straining my once broken spine into comfortable submission had me feeling on top of the world and then, we climbed towards the viaduct that I have seen so many times over the years. Today, I would bag it. About time, indeed.

Thank you for reading my pages and, I do hope you’ll enjoy these three (rather later than they deserve to be) frames.


I | 28mm 

35chronicle.163 (1)

II | 21mm

35chronicle.163 (2)

III | 28mm

35chronicle.163 (3)

  • Engineer: John Miller.
  • Operational: 1859-1965. Castle Douglas & Dumfries Railway.
  • Desc: Fine 18 Arch, Double-Track Viaduct on a Curve, 1011ft Long & 92ft High.
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10 thoughts on “Goldielea Viaduct | 720nm Infrared | Ricoh GR | 35:Chronicle

    1. Thank you, Mike. Glad you enjoyed them! Yes, thanks ever so much, feeling much, much better lately. I actually sustained 6 fractures to 4 vertebrae, a few fractured ribs and a break in my foot to top it all off. Its been a loooong summer… but I’m ridiculously well on the mend, my friend. Thank you, Mike! Best, Rob. 🙏📷

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